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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  May 18, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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common in the near future. e warning from the governor --- as california prepares for its worst-evere seas events like this could be more common in the future. the warning from the governor
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as california prepares for the worst ever fire season. good evening. the prediction is drought- stricken california could have a destruct and i have deadly wildfire season ahead. and it could get worse every year. governor jerry brown taking steps for this season and beyond. >> reporter: the wildfires in san diego conty last week, cause 20 million in damage and killing one man were only the beginning. >> humanity is on aing collision course with nature. >> reporter: jerry brown says california could be in for the worst fire season ever after years of drought. climate change is to blame. >> and as we send billions and billions of tons of heat- trapping gases we get heat and we get fires and we get what we are seeing. >> reporter: cal fire, 1500 fires this year. paired with 800 during an average year. going to peak staffing much
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earlier as well. the first week of april instead of the usual start in mid-may. the state now has 5,000 firefighters and earmarked $six00 million to battling wildfires but that may not be enough. brown says thousands of additional firefighters may be needed as we try to adapt to our new conditions. but building a political consensus will not be easy. >> i think republicans need to recognize that it is an important issue to people. and to strike the right balance. come the common ground is making sure we are not making it worse, not only here in california but worldwide. >> reporter: republican strategist referring to business restreubgzs that send manufacturing to places like china and other republicans deny it all together. but brown says the time to act is now. >> we have to gear up for it. the climate changes this is going to be a radically different future than what was our historic past.
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in the meantime all we can do is fight all of these damn fires. >> reporter: in the news room, back to you. >> the area burned by california wildfires has increased by about almost 88,000 acres a year over the past 30 years. and, three fires at camp pendelton and other one nearby are the last burning in san diego. a dozen fires were raging most of last week. 47 homes destroyed. thousands of people evacuate friday their homes can now go back to check on them. and damage from the fires estimated at $20 million. one man died in a homeless encampment. the investigators say at least one of the fires is arson and the man accused of starting it has been arrested. >> back in the bay area, stiff fines and mandatory water restrictions come to a suburb. the police are usually serious
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about their lawns but now they will have to get serious but water conservation during the drought. a 20% reduction has been man dated for all of the residents and businesses in pleasanton. >> conserve water. that is the only way that it could be done. you have to tell people to do it. >> reporter: they have been told customers that do not reduce water use by 25% more than four times will be punished. the fine is regular water bill plus $16 a unit and another $500 on top of that. a week after their speedboat capsized the authorities have found the bodies of three men found in the lake. searchers recovered two bodies yesterday and another one on friday. crews are still looking for a 4th man. their boat that the witnesses said had been traveling at more than 100 miles an hour capsized on may 10th. the lake does not have a speed limit for boats on open water. well, it is gross and it
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stinks. the state department of fish and wildlife was called into cleanup thousands of dead fish, smelling up the harbor. what caused the fish to die? >> reporter: phillips spent a good portion of the day shoveling dead fish into a trash bag. phillips worked for the l.a. county beaches and harbor crew for 15 years. he has never seen or cleaned up any quite like this. >> first time. i smell like a fish. >> reporter: basina wreaks after thousands of anchovies died here overnight. mike speiers runs a bait place here. >> they suffocated. >>and they bring it on themselves, don't they? >> pretty much. come in here, you know t is warmer in the harbor than it is up front. more stuff to eat and i thank is why they are here and they just trapped themselves. >> reporter: trapped themselves here at the dock. >> it is a dead end here at the
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end where all of the animals accumulated. and, they just suffocated. >> reporter: but it has happened before. peter, who spent the day rescuing sea lions and seals told us the fish die off at king harbor it was bigger in 2011. there was a big fish die off in ventura county the same year. greg mills, kpix5. well, it seems to be a terminal problem with any big money project. what is behind the cost overruns with san francisco's new transbay terminal. look how many knuckleheads are out here, drunk. >> knuckleheads or not. beta breakers is a san francisco institution. the changes this year to keep people from getting out of control and trashing the route.
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next alameda county auditor- controller says she is withdrawing from the race. kathleen knox made the move a can date running to be a controller says she is withdrawing from the race. she made the move after being charged with 6 felony counts of fraud and perpblgly. the district attorney says that knox lied about being a resident from the county. she refused to answer a simple question "where do you live?"
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the distractions of the current events are overwhelming and now my focus needs to be on my family, my business, and my private life. her name will still be on the ballot, though. every year, neighbors complain about the crowds, the noise, and the mess at the beta breakers race. this year, more toilets, more security. organizers prove they were paying attention. >> reporter: this was it. the year the beta breakers was going to straeubg enup and go according to plan. that is why -- go took straighten up and go according to plan. that is why the race was late. >> for the safety of the race. >> reporter: organizers all about safety this year. so, runners were put on side streets and corals. [screaming] >> reporter: and when the race did start, if you missed it, that is okay.
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because they started it again. >> oh! [screaming] [ laughter ] >> all of these people. crazy. yes. look at this. now, you can't -- you can not ignore all of the fun. >> no wheeled devices were allowed. that left the parents shouldering a lot of responsibility. >> usually we do it with a jogging stroller. they changed the rule. so, the backpack. >> reporter: things look different at the top of the hill. a favorite viewing part was off limits. in fact, the entire thing was walled off from the surrounding neighborhoods. >> look at. it look how many knuckleheads are out here, tkrufrpg. so, i -- are out here drunk.
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>> yes. baby-sit them everything will be okay. >> attendance is half of that than three years ago. cleaning it up misses the point. >> get a life, have fun, one day a year, beta breakers it is an institution. >> the first man that crossed the finish line, running it in 35 minutes and 6 seconds. running the course in 40 minutes and 15 seconds. at least three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in the final tally of the injuries and arrests, they actually keep track of, will be released tomorrow. officials say there was a 20% in security staffing and there were more portable toilets to prevent people from going into
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the street or in people's yard. california chrome has become the nation's favorite as he races towards the triple crown. what could have him scratched from the belmont stake. ending the week with great weather. looking live towards san jose, that is coming up ,,,,,,,,,,
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man: you know, it's funny, this baja quesadilla burger doesn't really look like burger. man 2: grilled beef patty? that's burger-esque. man 1: yeah, but the flour tortilla is, like, quesadilla-y.
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man 2: it's both, okay? you happy? man 1: dude, it's four bucks. i am definitely happy. [ding] waitress: welcome to denny's. proposed tower itself. the cost of building san francisco's new transit center is climbing higher than the proposed tower itself. at least it seems that way. the project was estimated to cost under $2 billion when construction started two years ago. now comes word the cost grown
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$150 million. the joint powers says it will stip $53 million in cosmetics from the building to try to keep costs down. california chrome has won two of 3 jewels in horse racing triple crown. >> on the outside, right up. california chrome has won the preakness. >> there could be a problem winning the third. the horse has worn nasal strips to help him breathe easier during both the kentucky derby and the preakness. the third race is run in new york and that is the only state that does not allow the use of nasal strips. >> this is going to put a little pressure on new york because california chrome is going for the triple crown and it is going to be over 100,000 people there. the horse is now really popular in america. kind of the america's horse. california chrome's owners and trainer will have to ask
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permission to use the strips in the belmont and if it is refused the owner says california chrome could be withdrawn from the race. the oceans are full of all kinds of creatures, here is one you don't see often, yes, that is an elephant. strolling in the surf on a florida beach. a local news station reports the elephant may have been a surprise guest at a birthday party. a woman submitted a request to city officials to have a trained elephant make an appearance at her 60th birthday party. hope she had a good party. >> as do we all. a good day for the party. it was windy enough to fly an iron kite in the bay area tonight as we have blue skies clearing things out nicely. gusty winds continue and will continue in the early evening hours and right through midnight tonight, numbers in the upper 60s and low 70s for the most part. and, we will stay clear and windy right now in san jose. forth west to east at 20 miles
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an hour in san francisco, 25 miles an hour or so and over in oakland, out at 28. very strong sea breeze tonight. all ushered along in the low pressure in the pacific west gets south and closer to the high pressure you get this real combination that just pushes the winds on shore and that will -- that will be around through the small hours, breezy conditions to about 40 miles an hour in the upper elevations, down low, 25 miles an hour. the windy night due for the bay area tonight. and, the temperatures in the upper 50s if you are headed out, a few high clouds other than that, describes tomorrow morning. monday morning, mostly in the middle 50s, fair skies, cool temperatures, and expect things to be breezy and cool tonight. as the low gets closer to the bay area, it will increase clouds on monday and tuesday. and it is just a whisper of a chance of a thunderstorm
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possible. just probably hearing thunder. tuesday afternoon and in the early hours of wednesday morning. and it is only a slight chance that we mention it just in case it happens we can say told you so. >> here is what is next. gusty winds, cool night, warming up, midweek, after the low sweeps through, the high pressure builds in and bumps down the temperatures beginning on wednesday. in the meantime, mild weather in the bay area. out of the west to 35 mileacen hour in the afternoon. elsewhere, not a bad day to travel. chicago, new york, denver, looking good. denver in the 30s last week and now up to 82 degrees, southland looks nice. a tour of the bay area, 59 in the bay city. starting out middle to upper 60s. and a few low 70s in the south bay. 69 in morgan hills, 71 degrees. over in the east bay, sunshine tomorrow, 69 degrees at livermore, 66 at pleasanton,
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looks nice. walnut creek, 69. up to 71 degrees, up in the north bay, low 70s, and upper 60s should do it for the most part. 71 and nevato, 67 degrees, so, pleasant monday on tap for the bay area. but look at what is new as we come into wednesday, thursday, friday. warming up in the bay area to the 90 degree range inland by next friday. stay tuned to that. that is weather. for sports, here is ann and dennis. one of the big sports stories, california chrome and nasal strips what is your take on it? >> there is no way a nasal strip will stop him from running. >> too much money, too good for horse racing, no way. >> heard it from him. >> like a good story to talk about, no chance. and the giant's escape with a get away win over miami and the other red hot team going to the sweep in cleveland, we are next ,,
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they got off to a great sta this afternoon against the marlins.... ng new giants are 19-4 when they score first. bruce bochy must of told them that because they got a good start. making a new friend before today's game. allowing 1 or fewer runs for the 4th time in the past 4 starts. pitching a shutout. he struck out 6. same can not be said for turner. up 1-0.
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now, singles in left center. pablo, with a 9 game hitting streak, scores to make it 2-0, san francisco. next batter, hicks, coming up with a 2-out single. coming home, giants put up a spot in the first inning, remember that stat? i told you about it. they don't lose when they score 1st. when brandon went on the dl they needed him to step up. he has done that. solo shot. 4-0. the third on the season. threatening the 8th. carlos, now, going in there flying out to right. giants win 4-1. 28th win of the season. tied with the a's with most in the major league. what a difference a month makes, having more hits in may than he did in all of april. the streak is included 4 multihit games in the last 8 days, average is 220. the indians may of had enough of the bay area teams last month. they swept the tribe in san francisco.
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today, the a's did not have much of a chance repeating that in cleveland. the a's were running around in circles against the indians. first batter of the game. hammers it, fastball, over the bullpen. indians out to the early lead. he was not sharp today. but, he did limit the damage most of the afternoon. you can make mistakes when the offense is clicking. tied at 1 in the 4th. doubles off of the wall. a's lead, 2-1. they continue to go off of masterson. nick's swisher, going 3-3. 3 runs batted in. still in the 5th. a pitch over the plate. then, going, 2 more runs on the double to make it 7-1. now, describing a career high, 5-1. cleveland allows 9 walks and the a's go 13-3 to sweep that series. check it out. it was the indians that can get it. pounding out 33 hits, 19 of
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those for extra bases. oakland leads american league west by 3.5 games. mark jackson, the warrior coach, back behind the mic. a rematch in the eastern conference finals. between the heat and pacers. now, giving miami the way. pacers, 19, leading at the break. all 5 pacers starters have at least 15 points. west going for the rim for the easy dunk. indiana, highest scoring output of the post season. taking game 1. the nhl blackhawks and, what are they saying now? >> something we can not say on television? >> game on western final, chicago up 1-0. now, the nice pass, now, tied game. moving ahead to the 3rd. blackhawks, up, 2-1. now,
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quick, stopping that. jonathan, lights up the lamp. chicago takes game 1, 3-1. a weeklong tour to california wrapping up in thousand oaks. now, screening left, making his move to the front of the pack. gets the sprint to the finish line to get the stage. 2012 tour de france winner holding on to the jersey for the win. the final round in texas. now, james hahn, a great guy. one off of the lead going in on sunday. now, finished tied for 5th. five off of the lead. this is brandon. a right handed golfer. he had to do this stuff all day long. well, maybe not that. hitting out of the threes, he saved paron this. and that turned out to be a huge shot. going on to win by 2 shots over mike greer. the first pga win. tonight on "gameday" going to join us to talk about the
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warriors coaching change and tim, talking about california chrome and vern glen we sent him to sacramento. rumor out there that the a's triple a team is going to lose affiliation and the giants triple a team is going to move there. >> oh, wow. >> all right. >> yes. right here on kpix5. >> okay. all right, good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and ford >> kroft: the thing that strikes you first about tehran is that it defies expectation. it is a sprawling, modern city with lots of well-to-do, well- educated people. with the west and iran locked in serious negotiations about a permanent deal to curb their nuclear program in exchange for relief from years of economic sanctions, we thought it was a perfect time to see what was going on there for ourselves. >> america? >> kroft: yes. >> pelley: last december marked the 150th anniversary of the completion of the capitol dome. it is hard to imagine america without this crowning


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